About IMTC


Ian Murphy Triathlon Coaching was created by Ian after doing a couple of sessions random training for events. Ian thought it would be a good idea to have a more structured approach to achieve better results.

Week by week training plans soon became routine, coupled with extensive learning this enabled Ian to improve in all three disciplines; in particular on the bike where I saw increased strength and endurance.  These improvements meant that other athlete's were asking what the 'secret was' and IMTC was born.

At the core the IMTC coaching plans are designed to keep you on track with work and social commitments; we know exactly how to reduce “wasted” hours of training and make every minute count towards your goals.

Most importantly the coaching is customized to your fitness level, personal or event goals and helped you to perform at your absolute best in races.

Ian, and the team, has coached hundreds of triathletes over the past 15 years and there is never a shortage of people willing to tell you how effective IMTC really is.

The IMTC Athlete Community is growing and we always welcome new people to the group. IMTC is more than just a bland set of training sessions that you can download; it's a connection that you will never regret and, with us, your best is yet to come... Sign up to the community today.

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