training plans

The training plan is your ‘bottled up’ guide to success and our speciality at IMTC. Personalised to you, the training plan is your step by step guide to incremental improvements that make a huge difference to your triathlon performance. We cater for athletes of all abilities, from novice to advanced athletes, and incorporate all levels of racing distances ie. Sprint to Ironman and beyond. Every training plan is goal based and gives you the opportunity to succeed.

I contacted Ian after playing about with several plans before entering my first Tri. He came to meet me, did a Watt bike test and provided a plan that i can follow. He even jumped in pool a couple of times to help out with my swimming that was very poor before his training. Would recommend 100% and will continue to use
— Phil

your plan, on any device, anywhere

Once you’ve signed up to IMTC, you will be added to our amazing training plan platform ‘Training Peaks’. It’s available on any internet connected device so it easily travels with you and connects to well over 100 devices, like Garmin, Suunto, Polar, fitbit, WattBike and many more.

All of your training sessions will be laid out in calendar format for you to see within the app and no matter if you are away with work, keeping the family logistics running or grabbing some holiday time you can see what’s next and feedback to your coach on the last session.

Colour coding is used to motivate you to complete sessions, ‘Green’ for completed, ‘Amber’ for under or over and ‘Red’ for non completion.

How many boxes will you manage to turn green?

your plan, based on your ability

You will regularly see testing sessions planned into your Training Plan and these take the form of Swim - Critical Swim Speed (CSS) test, Wattbike Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test and a 5km Speed Run test; a highlight in our athletes calendar, they are tough but very rewarding.

They form the basis of your training plan intensity and help to translate your goals into the sessions you need to achieve them. Our coach led plans are not one size fits all because we listen and then plan, so you can deliver.

The results of your tests will give you:

  • Optimal swimming pace

  • Threshold heart rate (HR) and power zones for cycling, and

  • Pavings for running sessions

We do offer some non-coach led plans in our shop if you are looking for a ‘light’ option; each plan comes with an initial phone call with one of our coaches to make sure it’s right for you. We will always recommend a coach led training plan as it’s the best route to meeting your goals; however we do recognise that some people just want some training guides.