personal goals

Be it completing the UK Ironman for the first time, smashing out 400m swim in a pool based sprint or putting in a personal best on your favourite course; we are waiting to hear about your personal goal. We specialise in helping people go further than they could go alone and help you realise the very best of achievements, the ones you set for yourself.

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professional approach to personal goals

Many people treat a personal goal like it’s ‘nice to have’ ; we don’t sign up to an approach that is anything less than the best, we know you will give your upmost and so will we. Some of our athletes have learnt to swim as part of our training plan and others have transitioned from another sport into triathlon. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with IMTC coaching; we listen and then we plan, so you can deliver.

Well what can I say about IMTC, Ian and his famous training plans! – in a nutshell it works and I owe Ian a lot, I definitely could not have achieved my goals over the past 2 years without him!
— Heidi
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celebrating achievements

One to one training is an essential component in achieving your goal and when you do the IMTC Community of athletes will be ready to celebrate with you. They also play an essential part of your training programme through group sessions and being connected on our social media platforms.


ongoing achievements

Being part of IMTC will help you keep on setting stretching targets for the future and ensure you keep on enjoying triathlon. Many of our athletes are booking next years races not long after reaching their personal goals and the majority of our athletes have been with us for multiple seasons.