personal best

There is no better feeling that to ‘PB’ in a race; you’ve never done better than this and if that is a feeling you like we know you’re not done yet. We want to help you keep that feeling rolling race on race and see your personal best become something that changes regularly for you. At IMTC we encourage you to think about your best in many ways not just time; after all race day conditions can vary so much. Here’s a few of the areas we have helped our athletes achieve their best:

All in all brilliant and I continue to have Ian as my coach to achieve more and more goals, in my view its well worth the money, time and effort!
— Marie
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race place

Last year warm and sunny, this year blowing a gale and hailing. When you think only about time it can be a race day stress when the uncontrollable stares you in the face, chasing a time can lead to early fatigue and your objective is over before you’ve reached the line. We help athletes prepare for race placement; be it podium, top ten or moving up the field places based on last year.

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team gb qualification

There have been more than a few IMTC athletes that have gone on to qualify for a place in Team GB. What an achievement and marker for those individuals to become part of an elite group, we are always proud of people who train hard, race easy (wish) and achieve their very best. Racing for their country, that’s impressive, if that is your goal we can help.

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best personal time

Whilst we encourage people not to be solely focussed on time we recognise it’s the essence of what we do; race against others and the clock! We have many strategies to help you reach the best times possible and also how to be resilient and adapt if that plan is not possible. Our athletes know how to think well when the circumstances are changing mid-race.