Performance is rarely at its best without passion; our commitment to outstanding one to one triathlon coaching will ensure you get your results. We will make sure you are ready for, excel during and recover from your race days. Over the many years IMTC has been established we have seen phenomenal performances from our athletes, many of them reaching a podium place or exceeding a personal target.


results focussed coaching

Your coaching will start with a detailed consultation where we will find out about you, your goals and your lifestyle. This information becomes the foundation of your results focussed training programme and working closely with our coaches your performance increases and your dreams become a realistic, achievable result.

Ian has been a great help in providing a structured training plan which fits around work and family life. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my performance, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian to others
— Jonathan

get to your goals

Our first priority is to coach you; we will work with you to help you set tough but achievable goals and when you reach them, we will review, test and go again for bigger achievements. Training ‘the IMTC way’ will include, individual and group training, gym / strength based work, stabilisation work and will be supported with regular reviews, testing and goal setting sessions.


the secret to success - partnership

IMTC delivers results using input and feedback given by you; pre, post and during sessions we work together to achieve your goals, within a progressive and personal training plan. IMTC coaching is an effective investment in enhancing your potential and achieving your goals. We listen and build a strong partnership with you, that is what gets results.