Ironman Frankfurt - Cara stays strong in the heat!

On the hottest weekend of the year, when Europe was basking in record breaking temperatures, Cara Prevett was racing in the Ironman Frankfurt Triathlon.

This was Cara’s second Ironman in 12months and OMG what a race to pick! With temperatures hitting 38* this was going to be a race of survival.

Starting with a non wetsuit swim , Cara endured the now expected washing machine, freshwater swim and after being kicked and punched a few times, she managed a 1:25:37 swim.

One of the more famous points of Frankfurt Ironman is the Heartbreak hill section, hundreds of spectators closing in on the riders and cheering them on up this famous hill section, definitely helped lift the spirit for what was going to be a long, hard, hot hot day in the saddle. This bike section was a little longer than usual, 115 miles as opposed to 112miles, just what you don't need on a hot hot day! Cara finished with a very respectable time of 6:58:39

The run was a case of survival of the fittest and strongest mind. With people collapsing all around her from heat stroke and exhaustion and her energy totally depleted, the run was a nightmare, and the most painful thing Cara had ever done.

After the hardest 4 laps run -walking Cara finished the run in 5:57:43

Total Time was 14hours 35mins 53secs

Well done Cara, brilliant effort and determination. When’s your next one……?

Ian MurphyComment