Use IMTC's 'Hire Power' To Charge Your Goals


Ever missed a cycling session because the wind was too strong, the traffic too busy, the time too unsociable to get out or there was just not enough time to get the road bike out prepped and cleaned afterwards. If so IMTC has the perfect solution for you.

Hire one of our fleet of Wattbikes and train at home, anytime, any conditions and see the results pay you back. With power feedback built into every ride and reel feel technology on board this is the closest to actually getting out there you can be.

Out team of coaches can even plan sessions in to your IMTC programme and you’ll see the detailed report (including power output) jump straight in to your online training peaks account. This is a brilliant insight to help fine tune your performance and hit your goals.

Many of our athletes take up the option to hire a watt bike via IMTC and see the benefit both financially, with no big outlay, and in their achievements, with more consistent performances.

Why not enquire today about hiring a Wattbike from us and charge your goals.


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