Performance Training Starts Now

Now is the time to start thinking about your plan for race day. Every day counts towards the rest that you’re looking for. Currently IMTC athletes are transitioning from winter training and into training plans for race day.

If you’re looking for a plan; we will make sure you are ready for, excel during and recover from your race days. Over the many years IMTC has been established we have seen phenomenal performances from our athletes, many of them reaching a podium place or exceeding a personal target.

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Our first priority is to coach you; we will work with you to help you set tough but achievable goals and when you reach them, we will review, test and go again for bigger achievements. Training ‘the IMTC way’ will include, individual and group training, gym / strength based work, stabilisation work and will be supported with regular reviews, testing and goal setting sessions.

Ian MurphyComment