IMTC - Beyond The Generic Training Plan

IMTC is set up for athlete’s just like you and we recognise that everyone is different! No athlete’s goals, abilities, motivations, circumstances, background or available time is the same as another. That’s what makes IMTC a great fit for you, we base our coaching on all of those unique things about you; our experience and your determination is a brilliant combination.

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But it’s tempting to download a plan right? Information and opinions are everywhere and knowing how to get the very best out of your time can be very daunting as well as confusing when starting out on your triathlon journey.

If you are a beginner, just trying to gain the aerobic fitness to finish an event maybe your main goal and you could be just fine with an online training plan. However a more experienced athlete will require personal feedback and guidance from their training so an online plan would not provide this.

Another thing to consider is the risk of injury and overtraining, having a coach to talk to and look over your training will ensure you stay on the right track throughout your season. 

Plans Have A Place - We Do Them!

Plans that are written for many people have to be general, so there’s a limit to how much athletes can get out of them. Another factor is the complexity of the goal event, with an Ironman ranking on the higher end of the complexity scale. The more complex something becomes, the more you need a coach.

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One advantage of a coach over a generic plan is the motivation factor – while no one will know if you skip a workout on a plan with the latter, you’ll have to report the same skipped workout to a coach. The fact that you’re answering to an actual human being just might be the extra motivation to get you out the door, or to finish that last interval.

Also, most athletes plan to complete a series of events through a season. Training plans primarily enable you to peak for a single event. A coach can help an athlete get the most out of a season stacked with multiple races. 

Of course, financial cost may be a deciding factor for an athlete. Generally, a training plan is less expensive than a coach, but the price range varies widely for both. When deciding between the two, your goals, coach experience and budget figure prominently in the equation. You may wish to talk to athletes that have been coached previously to get an insight to aid your decision. Investing in a professional coaching relationship for at least a season to figure out whether it helps you achieve the goals to which you aspire is also a great idea.