Ironman UK - Bolton 2019

With a course change for the bike section which added a couple of thousand feet of climbing to the previous 6000 feet, this was going to be one very tough day at the office.

First time Ironman Jonathan Harker approached the race like a relaxed pro, taking lots of advice from his IMTC coach Chris Perry, he swam, cycled and ran his way to an amazing time of 14:49:51, much to the delight of his support crew family.

Even more amazing was the fact that Jonathan was one of few that actually ran the whole run course!

More to come from Jonathan me thinks.

One surprise on the start line this year was our very own Tony Byrne.

Tony sustained a severe injury to his shoulder at work and as a result couldn’t train for the 6 weeks up to race day. In typical Tony fashion, he phoned me on racking day to let me know that he was doing the race!

I personally wouldn’t recommend this approach but as most of you will be aware Triathletes are very stubborn (and races are expensive) but full of painkillers and with lots of IMTC encouragement, Tony managed to complete the day in a time of 16:02:58. Satisfied with the fact that he was not a DNS or DNF.

Every credit Tony, you are one tough cookie. Have a rest and then back into training for you sir.

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Ironman Frankfurt - Cara stays strong in the heat!

On the hottest weekend of the year, when Europe was basking in record breaking temperatures, Cara Prevett was racing in the Ironman Frankfurt Triathlon.

This was Cara’s second Ironman in 12months and OMG what a race to pick! With temperatures hitting 38* this was going to be a race of survival.

Starting with a non wetsuit swim , Cara endured the now expected washing machine, freshwater swim and after being kicked and punched a few times, she managed a 1:25:37 swim.

One of the more famous points of Frankfurt Ironman is the Heartbreak hill section, hundreds of spectators closing in on the riders and cheering them on up this famous hill section, definitely helped lift the spirit for what was going to be a long, hard, hot hot day in the saddle. This bike section was a little longer than usual, 115 miles as opposed to 112miles, just what you don't need on a hot hot day! Cara finished with a very respectable time of 6:58:39

The run was a case of survival of the fittest and strongest mind. With people collapsing all around her from heat stroke and exhaustion and her energy totally depleted, the run was a nightmare, and the most painful thing Cara had ever done.

After the hardest 4 laps run -walking Cara finished the run in 5:57:43

Total Time was 14hours 35mins 53secs

Well done Cara, brilliant effort and determination. When’s your next one……?

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Use IMTC's 'Hire Power' To Charge Your Goals

Ever missed a cycling session because the wind was too strong, the traffic too busy, the time too unsociable to get out or there was just not enough time to get the road bike out prepped and cleaned afterwards. If so IMTC has the perfect solution for you.

Hire one of our fleet of Wattbikes and train at home, anytime, any conditions and see the results pay you back. With power feedback built into every ride and reel feel technology on board this is the closest to actually getting out there you can be.

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Graham Billsborough
Epic Man Windermere - The toughest yet!

Sunday the 2nd June saw 3 of our IMTC athletes competing in the Epic Events Windermere Epic Man Half. This is a seriously hard event and includes over 4500 feet of climbing on the bike up some seriously hard hills followed by a half marathon on what was a trail/cross run, which itself had around a 1000 feet of climbing too.

Very well done to all 3 IMTC finishers and we wish them well in their coming events.

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Clitheroe Sprint Triathlon - Easter Fun in the Sun

When God made the cyclist he knew that the cyclist thrived on climbing hills and with this in mind he created one of the toughest climbs in Lancashire, Birdy Brow.
Then came along the Triathlete, who thought "hey why don't we tag on a 400m swim and a 8km lumpy run and make a race out of it, we can call it the Clitheroe Sprint Triathlon.
The Epic Events Triathlon is one of the toughest races locally and on a hot Easter Sunday morning IMTC athlete Tony Byrne was doing his first race of the season. Racing in the MV 40 age group Tony put in a great performance for a long distance triathlete, finishing in 1:49:20, 16th place out of 73 for his age category.
Brilliant effort Tony, well done.

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Lancaster Duathlon - Sarah G - 2nd Lady overall

You must be special when your 2nd place prize gets delivered by the Easter Bunny....
On a cold windy day in March IMTC athlete Sarah Gohil competed in the Lancaster Duathlon. This race was a off road 5k run followed by a 20km hilly bike and a final repeat of the off road 5km run.
Despite getting her cleat stuck and carrying a rib injury, Sarah finished with a impressive 1:51:55 placing her the 2nd female of the race and 33rd overall .
I am sure that had Sarah been fully fit and had no shoe issues, she would have taken the win. Well done Sarah, IMTC is very proud of you.

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Performance Training Starts Now

Now is the time to start thinking about your plan for race day. Every day counts towards the rest that you’re looking for. Currently IMTC athletes are transitioning from winter training and into training plans for race day.

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IMTC - Beyond The Generic Training Plan

IMTC is set up for athlete’s just like you and we recognise that everyone is different! No athlete’s goals, abilities, motivations, circumstances, background or available time is the same as another. That’s what makes IMTC a great fit for you, we base our coaching on all of those unique things about you; our experience and your determination is a brilliant combination.

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Getting wise with your Wonga!

With the racing season coming to an end, many athletes may be pondering an investment to give them some gains ready for next season. And why not? Equipment and training have never been better in the sports of cycling and triathlon. The pertinent question then is what the best investment is for the best gains to get the best results?

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Triathlon X - Chris Perry you nutter!!

Triathlon X is described by the organisers as "The Worlds toughest Ultra Distance Triathlon"

Consisting of a 3.8km swim in Lake Windermere, cycling the full 181km Fred Whitton cycle route, the toughest sportive going and running 42.2km up Great Langdale, Esk Hause, Great End and Scafell Pike - OMG!

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