new distance

You will either have conquered the speed event and now need to go long or you’ve ground out the long haul and now it’s time to accelerate; helping you change distance is one of our favourite challenges. The dynamics of a distance shift are often underestimated by athletes and coaches the world over. We have dedicated hours to studying the patterns for success and worked with many athletes to make a successful change repeatable.

Ian Murphy has obviously accrued a wealth of experience and this shows in his level of understanding and advice given.
— Paul

going for the longer distance

Naturally most athletes are starting with a sprint and then working their way through to the long distance triathlons. Occasionally we have athletes who want to take on extreme challenges and with our support they have completed the challenges brilliantly. No matter what distance increase you are considering we will have handled it before and we are extremely well placed to prepare you for the event of your choice.

Typically our key focus areas will be strength and conditioning, nutrition, techniques, planning race day, ensuring that you maximise the time you have available and ensuring you have a resilient plan for race day.

Our coach led training plans have taken people with no triathlon experience and seen them become long distance finishers and also seen incredible results from sprint athletes stepping up to standard, olympic, middle or long distance events.

when the marathon is over

You’ve seen the scenario many times, just like us, the athlete who finishes the middle or long distance triathlon and says ‘never again’ only to have an event signed up within days! maybe that’s you today?

Whatever your motivation for reducing the length of you next event, we are here to help. You might need to reduce your training hours after a long year of preparation for a middle or long distance event, you might want to test yourself on a speed race and see if you can place well in the field. Whatever is spurring you onwards to a shorter event we can help you achieve your goals.

The type of training changes when you reduce the length of event; intensity of sessions, the type of sessions and frequency all play a vital part of getting the right outcomes. Our coaches have studied what it takes to adapt your skills and abilities to a different race type and they would love to discuss how they could help you today.