Event Coaching (£40 per month - Initial 3 months)

Event Coaching (£40 per month - Initial 3 months)


Buying this event plan today gives you an event specific IMTC plan to help you achieve your ambitions. Paid for monthly it has an initial 3 month commitment to help you prepare for excelling in your event. Once the initial 3 months has passed you can set up a monthly payment which has no fixed term, so you can be ready in plenty of time.

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The event specific coaching includes:

  • Initial and follow up testing across all disciplines

  • Power and HR training zones

  • Weekly training plan through Training Peaks

  • Regular coach contact with session feedback

  • IMTC Group support

  • Tailored to your event - if it’s your first time at this distance or you’re hunting for a course / distance PB this will ensure you are race ready and raring to go

We can't wait for you to train with IMTC and get benefit from our event specific coaching plan.