4 Hour 121 Bike Coaching Session

4 Hour 121 Bike Coaching Session

145.00 160.00

These are invaluable bike craft sessions where the focus is entirely on you. Run from IMTC HQ in Carnforth the session is highly tailored to your development. Be it working with a power meter, riding in a group, time trialling, climbing skills or any other aspect of cycling we have it covered. Most rides include a cafe stop to have a discussion about the session and a well earned brew and cake!

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Carnforth is an area made for bike training sessions, quiet roads offer the chance to master hills, get the speed tests done and generally give you every kind of condition you'd face in a triathlon. Our coaches have expert knowledge of the area and can tailor your ride to maximise the time. 

The best investment I have made after buying my bike! It’s given me skills I have used straight away and made a massive difference.
— IMTC Athlete