group training

It takes a certain kind of athlete to exclusively train alone and get the best results; for the rest of us the pack is our friend. Everyone knows that extra kick that comes from being part of a team training session that goes well and the boost from those around you on that day when every swim stroke, rotation of the crank or heel strike is a chore. Group training is an essential part of the IMTC way, it’s also a big reason many of our athlete’s recommend us to others.


we support local triathlon clubs

Many of our athletes also belong to local clubs and we are actively supporting their participation by building club rides into coaching plans; IMTC also leads club sessions. So if you are a member of a local club our coaching plans will take account of that and build around your current commitment.


groups that work

Our process for group training ensures that you don’t finish the session having underworked waiting for others or overworked trying to keep up! We build events that accommodate all abilities and find that athletes often inspire and celebrate each others achievements during the session.


challenges that are unique

IMTC recognise that regular team sessions can seem repetitive and so have spent many hours developing unique challenges to fit within a group session. Our athletes respond really well to a change of location, target, technique and the feedback we receive on group sessions is amazing.