first triathlon

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you will be called ‘finisher’

It’s a great choice you’ve made, triathlon is a fast growing and much loved sport that is enjoyed by all ages, abilities and ambitions. IMTC is set up for your success, most people just setting out say the same to us, ‘I just want to finish!’.

You are safe with us, 100% of our first timers are now known as finishers; we have helped our athletes reach the finish line of hundreds of races and watched them surprise themselves along the way with how well they can perform with one of our coached training plans. We are not surprised because you are all amazing!

you will be ‘ready’

We take every race very seriously and we will ensure that you are race ready with one of our unique coach led training plans. Every aspect of your race readiness forms part of our approach, here’s just a few things you’ll learn with us:

  • Race day and during race nutrition

  • How to manage technology failure

  • Why the time you finish in isn’t always the right goal

  • The secrets of making it through the transition zone

IMTC plans work they are made for you and if you do the work you will see the results. If you are looking for a coach I would recommend IMTC.
— Lee