Does it matter that I have no previous Triathlon experience?

Not at all. Here at IMTC we cater for all abilities and distances no matter what your previous experience.

Is there a minimum sign up requirement to IMTC training plans?

Yes. 3 months is the minimum sign up as this will cover the initial set up costs of consultation and testing.

I am not local to you can I still be coached by IMTC?

Definitely. We have athletes from all around the country as well as Canada and France! Distance coaching is one of our key strengths; good communication overcomes distance!


Do I need to have a HR monitor to train with IMTC training peaks?

Ideally yes. Your training sessions will be based on HR ranges or Power ranges so as to get the best out of your training sessions.

What happens if I become injured or need to cancel my plan?

This will dependant on your plan set up and your personal circumstances.

If you are injured your IMTC coach will discuss this with you to determine the best way forward and how to get you back training again.

If you need to cancel your plan then a simple phone call to your coach can sort this out as long as you are out of the minimum period.