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Performance is rarely at its best without passion; our commitment to outstanding one to one triathlon coaching will ensure you get your results. We will make sure you are ready for, excel during and recover from your race days. Over the many years IMTC has been established we have seen phenomenal performances from our athletes, many of them reaching a podium place or exceeding a personal target.


results focussed coaching

Your coaching will start with a detailed consultation where we will find out about you, your goals and your lifestyle. This information becomes the foundation of your performance focussed training programme and with on-going, regular communication your dream targets become a realistic, achievable result.


results focussed coaching

Our first priority is to coach you; we will work with you to help you set tough but achievable goals and when you reach them, we will review, test and go again for bigger achievements. Training will include, individual and group training, gym / strength based work, stabilisation work and will be supported with regular reviews, testing and goal setting sessions.


results focussed coaching

IMTC delivers results using input and feedback given by you, pre, post and during sessions to help achieve your goals, within a progressive and personal training plan. IMTC coaching is an effective investment in enhancing your potential, and achieving your goals.

training camps

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A highlight in many of our athletes calendar is our pre-season week away in Majorca; a stunning location that provides an unrivalled backdrop to season making training. As well as the IMTC camps we can also run bespoke group training in the UK, or abroad.


personal goals

Be it completing the UK Ironman for the first time, smashing out 400m swim in a pool based sprint or putting in a personal best on your favourite course; we are waiting to hear about your personal goal. We specialise in helping people go further than they could go alone and help you realise the very best of achievements, the ones you set for yourself.

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professional approach to personal goals

Many people treat a personal goal like it’s ‘nice to have’ ; we don’t sign up to an approach that is anything less than the best, we know you will give your upmost and so will we.

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celebrating achievements

One to one training is an essential component in achieving your goal and when you do the IMTC Community of athletes will be ready to celebrate with you. They also play an essential part of your training programme through group sessions and being connected on our social media platforms.


ongoing achievements

Being part of IMTC will help you keep on setting stretching targets for the future and ensure you keep on enjoying triathlon. Many of our athletes are booking next years races not long after reaching their personal goals and the majority of our athletes have been with us for multiple seasons.


training plans

IMTC provides high quality coaching and training plans for triathletes of all abilities, from novice to advanced athletes, and incorporates all levels of racing distances ie. Sprint to Ironman.

Training plans are specifically devised to each athlete, dependant on the individual’s personal targets, and availability to train, in order to achieve time effective results.


Training Plan platform

Once you have committed to working with IMTC, you will be added to our Training Plan platform, Training Peaks.

All of your training sessions will be laid out in calendar format for you to see. You will be able to download the Training Peaks app to your phone, tablet or laptop for ease of use and this is where you will load your completed sessions onto.

Colour coding is used to motivate you to complete sessions, Green for completed, Amber for under or over and Red for non completion.

How many boxes will you manage to turn green?


You will regularly see testing sessions planned into your Training Plan and these take the form of Swim - Critical Swim Speed (CSS) test, Wattbike Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test and a 5km Speed Run test.

The results of the above tests will give you your optimal100m swim pace, your Threshold HR and Power zones for cycling and finally your pavings for your running interval sessions.


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