Analysis & technique

When you reach race day we want you to have excellent technique from the moment you hit the water to the first steps past the finish line. Our ability to analyse your progression to race day will ensure that your technical skills are peaking when it really matters. Joining us for group coaching, or arranging a one to one session, will ensure that improvement areas are identified and a plan put in place to resolve these pre-race day.


experienced coaching

Our team of coaches bring you many years of delivering advice and seeing results, often having an instant impact. As you are starting out it could be something as detailed as your bike set up is hindering you, a bad habit in your swim stroke or the wrong trainers are slowing you down. Once you’ve been competing for a while things progress and we will help you in areas like maximising transition times, how to improve your negative splits or using a power meter more effectively. There typically isn’t a problem we haven’t experienced already and if you have a unique challenge then we love solving problems, bring it on and contact us today.

The plans and support proved to be invaluable and gave me the discipline and structure to train in a methodical (and enjoyable) manner rather than doing to much or too little
— Darren
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using technology to advance

As well as years of ‘yoda-like’ wisdom our coaches fully embrace the benefits that technology can bring. With a plethora of analysis information and data coming from all levels of athlete we are well used to making sense of the output and adapting your coaching to measure improvements. We also include training techniques for when the technology fails you when it matters most; can you run without a watch? We will ensure your race day is set up for success.

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technique pays off

At IMTC we believe that significant improvement is a series of marginal gains. For example, how you cycle round a corner can impact your fatigue levels in the run. Our athletes will tell you how the instructions given during coaching are invaluable on your most important race days. The group sessions also give you a new set of skills to improve faster and maintain your motivation by working with others. Our athletes give great feedback on ‘chain gang’ rides and group running sessions.