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first triathlon

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you will be called ‘finisher’

It’s a great choice you’ve made, triathlon is a fast growing and much loved sport that is enjoyed by all ages, abilities and ambitions. IMTC is set up for your success, most people just setting out say the same to us, ‘I just want to finish!’.

You are safe with us, 100% of our first timers are now known as finishers; we have helped our athletes reach the finish line of hundreds of races and watched them surprise themselves along the way with how well they can perform with one of our coached training plans. We are not surprised because you are all amazing!

you will be ‘ready’

We take every race very seriously and we will ensure that you are race ready with one of our unique coach led training plans. Every aspect of your race readiness forms part of our approach, here’s just a few things you’ll learn with us:

  • Race day and during race nutrition

  • How to manage technology failure

  • Why the time you finish in isn’t always the right goal

  • The secrets of making it through the transition zone

IMTC plans work they are made for you and if you do the work you will see the results. If you are looking for a coach I would recommend IMTC.
— Lee



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new distance

You will either have conquered the speed event and now need to go long or you’ve ground out the long haul and now it’s time to accelerate; helping you change distance is one of our favourite challenges. The dynamics of a distance shift are often underestimated by athletes and coaches the world over. We have dedicated hours to studying the patterns for success and worked with many athletes to make a successful change repeatable.

Ian Murphy has obviously accrued a wealth of experience and this shows in his level of understanding and advice given.
— Paul

going for the longer distance

Naturally most athletes are starting with a sprint and then working their way through to the long distance triathlons. Occasionally we have athletes who want to take on extreme challenges and with our support they have completed the challenges brilliantly. No matter what distance increase you are considering we will have handled it before and we are extremely well placed to prepare you for the event of your choice.

Typically our key focus areas will be strength and conditioning, nutrition, techniques, planning race day, ensuring that you maximise the time you have available and ensuring you have a resilient plan for race day.

Our coach led training plans have taken people with no triathlon experience and seen them become long distance finishers and also seen incredible results from sprint athletes stepping up to standard, olympic, middle or long distance events.

when the marathon is over

You’ve seen the scenario many times, just like us, the athlete who finishes the middle or long distance triathlon and says ‘never again’ only to have an event signed up within days! maybe that’s you today?

Whatever your motivation for reducing the length of you next event, we are here to help. You might need to reduce your training hours after a long year of preparation for a middle or long distance event, you might want to test yourself on a speed race and see if you can place well in the field. Whatever is spurring you onwards to a shorter event we can help you achieve your goals.

The type of training changes when you reduce the length of event; intensity of sessions, the type of sessions and frequency all play a vital part of getting the right outcomes. Our coaches have studied what it takes to adapt your skills and abilities to a different race type and they would love to discuss how they could help you today.


Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones,

but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them.

Chrissie Wellington

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personal best

There is no better feeling that to ‘PB’ in a race; you’ve never done better than this and if that is a feeling you like we know you’re not done yet. We want to help you keep that feeling rolling race on race and see your personal best become something that changes regularly for you. At IMTC we encourage you to think about your best in many ways not just time; after all race day conditions can vary so much. Here’s a few of the areas we have helped our athletes achieve their best:

All in all brilliant and I continue to have Ian as my coach to achieve more and more goals, in my view its well worth the money, time and effort!
— Marie
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race place

Last year warm and sunny, this year blowing a gale and hailing. When you think only about time it can be a race day stress when the uncontrollable stares you in the face, chasing a time can lead to early fatigue and your objective is over before you’ve reached the line. We help athletes prepare for race placement; be it podium, top ten or moving up the field places based on last year.

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team gb qualification

There have been more than a few IMTC athletes that have gone on to qualify for a place in Team GB. What an achievement and marker for those individuals to become part of an elite group, we are always proud of people who train hard, race easy (wish) and achieve their very best. Racing for their country, that’s impressive, if that is your goal we can help.

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best personal time

Whilst we encourage people not to be solely focussed on time we recognise it’s the essence of what we do; race against others and the clock! We have many strategies to help you reach the best times possible and also how to be resilient and adapt if that plan is not possible. Our athletes know how to think well when the circumstances are changing mid-race.

It's not records I chase, it's self-improvement.

And that cannot be done by taking it easy.

Chrissie Wellington

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podium finish

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Let’s keep this simple; you believe you can win, the place on the podium is yours and you are looking for a coach to help you get there. You’re in the right place. Our goal is your goal. Experience shows we can help athletes perform to the highest levels; with athletes winning overall races and age group categories our ability is proven.

We could write lots of words but you are about action, you want results and we can help you.

Contact us today and discuss how we can help you achieve.




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