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About IMTC


Ian Murphy Triathlon Coaching (IMTC) was has been helping athletes reach their goals since 2006. Initially writing training plans for some of his club friends, Head Coach Ian went on to deliver some great athlete results (such as Kona Qualification). Encouraged by his athletes to help them to achieve better results through a more structured and analytical approach, IMTC was created.

Month by month training plans soon became routine, coupled with extensive learning this enabled Ian to improve his understanding of all three disciplines; in particular on the bike which is Ians strength.  These improvements meant that other athlete's were soon asking what the 'secret was' and IMTC went from strength to strength.

At their core IMTC coach led training plans are designed to keep you on track with your goals and balance with family, work and social commitments; we know exactly how to reduce β€œwasted” hours of training and make every minute count. Most importantly the coaching is customised to your personal lifestyle, fitness level, target events or goals. This all results in you performing at your absolute best in races.

IMTC have coached scores of triathletes since 2006 and there is never a shortage of people willing to tell you how effective IMTC really is.

The IMTC Athlete Community is growing and we always welcome new people to the group. IMTC is more than just a bland set of training sessions that you can download; it's a connection that you will never regret and, with us, your best is yet to come



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head coach & founder - Ian Murphy

Ian time trialing back in the 1980's

Ian time trialing back in the 1980's

Ian has a full understanding of what it takes to extend your limits and reach new levels of achievement.  Having spent years studying the mechanics, science and psychology of swim, bike & run.

Since then scores of athletes have benefitted from Ian's bespoke approach to training plans.  

Some days you will love the sessions and other days you will hate them and still say thank you. There is always a fellow athlete around to encourage, sympathise or motivate you.

Ian is often heard to say 'believe to achieve' and the IMTC community is evidence that this statement is lived out through the approach. You can achieve; IMTC gives you the confidence to believe that the impossible is possible.

Ian Murphy the founder of IMTC & Head Coach; he has grown a team of experts around him to ensure that our athlete community is making the impossible a reality.  From novice to professional Ian knows how to get the very best, and more, out of anyone he is working with. Interested? Contact Ian today to become part of the IMTC community.

It's not records I chase, it's self-improvement.

And that cannot be done by taking it easy.

Chrissie Wellington

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IMTC Social Media

Keeping in touch with what's going on can keep you motivated and in addition to the website we have social media accounts that you can follow. Find us on Facebook by searching for IMTC Coaching; we also have an athletes community page that you gain access to when you join up.